We've listed some of our frequently asked questions below. If you don't find what you're looking for, please do email us on info@schoolnoticesoz.com and we’ll get right back to you.


What are the benefits of becoming a member?

By signing up to School Notices Oz you will be joining our community of like-minded parents and alumni and will have full access to our free-to-post marketplace, exclusive offers, competitions and insightful blog. Signing up is simple and free!

How can I join and become a member?

We’d love you to join us! Just click here, fill in a few simple details and hey presto welcome to the club!

Do I need to be a parent at an independent school to join your website?

You simply need to have an affiliation with that school – so a parent, alumni or member of staff.

How can I advertise on your website?

We’d love to hear from you, so please do email us on info@schoolnoticesoz.com

How can I sign up to your email newsletters?

If you’re already a member simply go into your account and update your preferences. If you’re not currently a member then hurry - you’re missing out! Sign up and simply tick the newsletter box.


How can I get my school to become a Member School?

Simply email us on info@schoolnoticesoz.com and we’ll get you signed up.

How do School Notices support my school’s fundraising?

We’re so much more than just a website; 25% of the advertising revenue from our website goes directly to support our member schools’ fundraising initiatives - whether for a new sports pitch, theatre lights or, increasingly, bursary/charity foundations.

Am I able to affiliate myself with more than one school?

Absolutely! You can select up to four schools – so even if you have children at different schools that’s no problem!

I can’t find my school on the list?

Please email us with the name of your missing school at info@schoolnoticesoz.com

Posting Notices

How can I see the full details of your Notices?

Simple – please just join us or sign in and you’ll have full access!

How much will it cost me to post a Notice?

Absolutely nothing! It’s totally free to post a standard Notice and you can edit it or remove it at any point.

How do I post a Notice?

Posting a Notice couldn’t be easier. First you need to be logged in, then please follow the Post a Notice and we will guide you through the process.

How can I make sure my Notice gets the most possible views?

We offer Notice upgrades where your Notice can be pinned to the top of its section, marked as urgent or have links added. View your My Notices section to upgrade your Notice.

I have already posted my Notice, but would now like to upgrade it?

Upgraded Notices ideally need to be booked at the time of creating your Notice. We suggest that if you want to take advantage of this service that you delete your current Notice and re-post it as a new one remembering to click the upgrade option before you save and upload the Notice.

I haven’t received a reply to an enquiry I made about a Notice?

First of all, please check your spam folder. If there’s nothing there, please contact us on info@schoolnoticesoz.com and we can check if there have been any messages which you may have missed.

I’ve now sold my item – thanks! How do I go about removing the Notice?

Make sure you’re logged in and go ‘My Notices’, then select the delete icon and delete the Notice you wish to remove.


I’ve forgotten my password, help!

Don’t worry – we do that all the time! Just follow this link and we’ll send you an email to set up a new one.

I haven’t received my confirmation email that my registration has been completed?

Please check your spam folder and if it’s not there, then please get in contact with us on info@schoolnoticesoz.com

I can’t see the details for an offer code I’d like to use?

Our offers are exclusive to our members so just make sure you’re logged in to enjoy them.

When I add a photo to the site it seems to crop it out – how can I get my photo to display properly?

Photos are cropped to a square size, so we recommend that you resize your photo/flyer or give it a white border so that the image sits neatly within the square.

I’ve loaded my photos but they don’t seem to appear with the notice?

When you add your photo you need to check that the blue loading bar has completed loading and your photo appears clearly in the preview section. If it has not loaded please check it’s not over our limit of 4MB. If so, please reduce the file size and try again.

How do I re-order my images so that the one I want to be displayed with my notice is shown?

Just remember to upload your lead photo first and wait for it to finish loading before you add further images. If you have already added the other images you will need to go back and edit your notice, remove the photos and re-upload with your lead photo first.